Introductory Pharmacometrics Courses

Model Answers has experience in providing a range of introductory training programs for both industry and academic clients.  Training can be tailored to meet individual needs and might include some of the following themes:

  • An understanding of the ‘Population Approach’
  • How to build population pharmacokinetic (PK) models
  • How to evaluation population PK models
  • Practical use of modelling software including NONMEM, R and SPlus

Intermediate Pharmacometrics Courses

More advanced training is also on offer by Model Answers and might include the following topics:

  • Modelling continuous pharmacodynamic data
  • Modelling binary and odd type pharmacodynamic data
  • Simulation studies
  • Development of meta-models
  • Understanding and development of D-Optimal designs

PhD and Masters Degrees

Dr Bruce Green holds adjunct appointments at various Universities and is looking for enthusiastic PhD or Masters students in the area of pharmacometrics.  Ideally, potential students should be eligible to enrol at the University of Queensland and obtain funding to support their studies.  For further details please contact Bruce directly on

Bruce has been the principal advisor to many post-graduate students in the fields of pharmacometrics and clinical practice as shown below.

Dr Jig Patel Ph.D (Kings, London)
Dr Julia Korell Model Answers Internship
Dr Sarah McLeay Ph.D
Dr Phey Yen Han Ph.D
Dr Phey Yen Han M.Clin.Pharm
Dr Michael Barras Ph.D
Dr Sarayut Janmahasatian M.Phil
Dr Teerapon Dhippayom M.Clin.Pharm
Mr Glynn Morrish Research Fellow
Assoc Prof HK Kim Post Doctoral Fellow
Mr Coen Van Hasselt Masters (Netherlands)
Ms Sarah Millican B.Pharm Honours
Ms Katie Paddon B.Pharm Honours
Ms Jia Yan See B.Pharm Honours
Dr David McDougall Ph.D (University of Queensland)