You can read some of our clients’ testimonials below:

The deep expertise, know-how and client focus of Dr Bruce Green and his team at Model Answers in pharmacokinetic modelling has been very helpful.  Models built by Dr Bruce Green and his team have been highly informative and very helpful in guiding the design of subsequent preclinical studies and early phase clinical trials.  Their modelling and analysis reports are well-written and they consistently deliver within the required time-frame.

What would have taken over 12 months and cost $2-3m was completed in 2-3 months using PK for 5% of the cost.

Bruce is a competent experienced professional with a healthy blend of international industrial and research experience.  As a consultant he recognises the importance of understanding the needs of his clients, providing creative input where appropriate to maximise the outcomes beyond those which a client may have already identified.  He is highly collaborative, able to work with individuals and teams at all levels within an organisation and is always open to new ideas and feedback.  Highly accountable he delivers in full and on time while maintaining the ongoing interactive communication that is essential for successful consultant-client relationships in highly specialised technical areas.

We work in rare disease with smaller populations.  Because of this, we don’t get the same data so regulators look for PK reports to supplement the data.  We don’t have this skill set in house so it was natural to work with Bruce and Model Answers. Their reports are top class and the authorities receive the documents well

To ensure the best use of our budget, we looked for an expert to help us before we began.The more work we do together, the more valuable they are…we regard them as a part of our team.

Without the support and efforts of Model Answers, the population approach group of India would not exist. We are truly grateful for the contributions that the Model Answers team have made to our Society, which now enables individuals who share the passion for model-based population approach methods for data analysis to come together.